Wera Heissluftballon - Über 1.000 Werkzeuge in erweiterter Realität

Wera: more than 1,000 tools in augmented reality

Wera relies on innovation. Not only in terms of quality – but also in terms of marketing. Result: well over 1,000 tools have already been digitized with our technologies.

Tool Rebels!

The Wuppertal screwdriver manufacturer sees itself as something special: and that applies not only to the outstanding quality of the products, but also to marketing and the target group „Be a Tool Rebel“.


Following this credo, it was also important for Wera to be pioneering in the area of e-commerce and the Wera team quickly recognized the opportunities that augmented reality offers in online shopping as a boost to sales.

Over 2,000 digital twins by the end of 2021

Wera therefore uses one of our 3D scanning systems and has now digitized well over 1,000 tools with it. By the end of 2021 there should be over 2,000 digital twins from Wera tools.

Digitizing is of course only the first step. It is becoming more and more clear to retailers that the digital twins in online retail will result in an extensive increase in sales. The way there: being able to examine a product in the online shop in augmented reality in a real and three-dimensional manner in your own environment has a completely different quality than the usual count of photos. And, as every ecommerce professional knows, the more likely it is that a product will be bought the longer the prospect is looking at it.

The monetary benefit

To ensure that Wera’s pioneering work also pays off in monetary terms, Wera is responding to the many requests made by retailers and is now rolling out this feature to its dealers as well.

See for yourself: this is exactly how all Wera products can be examined in online shops in the near future.

In addition to increasing sales, Wera also expects a declining return rate. Ultimately, augmented reality ensures that the customer knows much more precisely what the product is like before buying it.


We are very pleased about this rapid development and will report on the coming milestones at Wera here on our website. Stay tuned.

For your products too?

Shouldn’t your customers be able to explore your products like this? Please see for prices of our scanning service on your behalf or for a 3D scanning system onsite:

Which devices are supported? 

You don’t need an app anymore to view AR models. By now the technology has been deeply integrated into the mobile operating systems iOS and Android as both Google and Apple see the enormous potential.


As the result more than two billion smartphones have this capability at present (May 2021). And on your side you don’t have to do more than add a normal link to your online shop or website; no initial investment, no software development.


AR requires an iOS or iPadOS device with iOS 11 (or later) and an A9 processor or later; in detail:


– iPhone 6S or later
– iPad Pro (all models)
– iPad (5th generation) or later
– iPad mini (5th generation) or later
– iPad Air (3rd generation) or later
– iPod touch (7th generation) or later


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AR usually requires Android 7.0 or later. The capable devices can be found at This list is continuously updated by Google:


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