Beforehand, one always wonders what to expect from an event. Especially for the Digital X 2023 in Cologne, this was the case this year. For the first time, we were represented with our own brand house, in a much more suitable and targeted position at the event compared to last year. Moreover, the Digital X could not be a more specialized event: spread out over several districts of Cologne – with brand houses in pubs, theaters, courtyards, and marquees. Everywhere you looked, the event was simply unconventional.


Even more delightful that we experienced a truly overwhelming mega-event. Words can hardly describe it: the whole of Cologne seemed to vibrate with digital spirit. Everywhere you went, there were crowds of people with Digital X badges. And the atmosphere was simply amazing. This might have been because the brand houses – like in our case – are simply traditional Cologne pubs in real life. And, in terms of beer, they remained so during the Digital X.


But what was most important for us: would we be able to establish new contacts who would be electrified by our breathtaking beautiful and perfect digital product replicas in the same way as we described for the overall event?


And that was exactly the case: there were countless sales teams from Deutsche Telekom (who also distribute our products), partners of Deutsche Telekom, and interested customers who were inspired and who tried on our digital glasses, hats, motorcycle helmets, watches, and shoes.


So, it was an overwhelming event that was incredibly successful for us.


But since pictures say much more than words, we have compiled a few impressions of it all here.



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