The year 2023 has brought many new things for us. Today, we want to share with you our journey of the past months.


First things first: Norbert Zimmermann has passed the baton to his daughter Lisalotte Zimmermann. Now, many will wonder how this transition will take place. Clearly, stepping into Norbert Zimmermann’s shoes will be a challenge; after all, he has repeatedly shocked with his radical rethinking of technology over the last two decades, predicting the third dimension of the internet twenty years ago, a prediction that holds true today. And a prediction that companies like Apple and Google now duly promote as the grand future. Those who know Lisalotte Zimmermann are well aware that she shares her father’s stubbornness in many respects, yet at the same time often sets entirely new accents with her nonconformity.


Lisalotte Zimmermann

Lisalotte Zimmermann has followed in her father’s footsteps


Lisalotte Zimmermann always aimed to continue her father’s family tradition as an entrepreneur. At the same time, it was important to her not to operate in the shadow of the overpowering entrepreneurial personality of Norbert Zimmermann. That’s why she established Scanblue AG some time ago using independent resources and secured significant partnerships, such as with Deutsche Telekom, which acts as a strong distribution partner.


Scanblue AG is headquartered in the gentle hills of the Taunus, overlooking the impressive skyline of Frankfurt am Main, specifically in Eschborn. To ensure no operational changes for Scanblue’s customers, the Auetal/Schaumburg location with its Scan Factory will remain in place. However, it will now function as a branch of Scanblue AG.

Our Scan Factory remains in the Weser Uplands region, despite the new headquarters in the Taunus overlooking Frankfurt am Main
Our Scan Factory remains in the Weser Uplands region, despite the new headquarters in the Taunus overlooking Frankfurt am Main

Norbert Zimmermann, who has been a pioneering figure in the high-tech industry for over two decades and has been honored with numerous awards, such as the Top Innovator of the Year 2021 and the “Mittelstand Hero” by Wirtschaftswoche in 2021, will naturally continue to provide advisory support to his daughter. However, he is stepping back from the forefront of leadership, as even he – now approaching 70 – no longer fully appreciates the daily hustle and bustle of operational matters.


A particular source of joy for us in the past months has been the recognition of our latest-generation 3D scanning systems with the Red Dot Design Award in the “Product Design” category. This prestigious award is given annually, recognizing exceptionally designed products. An international jury of 50 experts individually tests, discusses, and evaluates each submission. This award, established in 1955, is considered one of the most renowned design awards worldwide.


We want to emphasize that it is important for us to address the quite challenging developments of this year: Scanblue AG stands for continuity in all our operational activities on behalf of all of you. It is entirely independent from the former Scanblue Group and Scanblue Engineering AG. The latter had to file for insolvency due to a domino effect triggered by an official investigation.


Following all these changes, we feel better positioned than ever before. We are excited to continue investing all our dedication day by day, to provide you in the future, as we do today, with the kind of high-tech solutions that truly reflect our passion and commitment.

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