Scanblue – Technology driver in AR / VR

For almost two decades, Scanblue Group’s companies have stood for cutting-edge technology in the fields of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D. This has made us the technology leader in the fields of 3D product scanning and Augmented/Virtual Reality, cloud-based 3D marketing and sales solutions as well as virtual 3D shops and mall engines.

While at the beginning of our days everything was still about engineering and the digital capture of physical prototypes – i.e. reverse engineering for digital editing and further developments within the framework of CAx – today our product range is substantially broadened: we provide you with everything you need to push your product into the 3rd dimension: i.e. within augmented reality apps for smartphones and tablets, for 3D glasses and VR stores, or in online stores or websites.

We are pleased that Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and of course Microsoft have identified augmented reality / virtual reality as one of the most important future topics and that they all are fully committed to push its application into the mass market.

With this tailwind and a huge portion of enthusiasm we put our further plans into reality:

Our locations around the globe

Our Auetal/Schaumburg Site

In the spring of 2017, we moved into our new headquarters in Auetal/Schaumburg. It has bundled numerous business areas, including technology development, scan factory (which handles our scanning services on your behalf), sales and administration. Although the amazing customer interest causes the new headquarters already to work at its capacity limit, we want to remain true to our roots and continue to grow mainly at our current location.

Further Expansion

We are currently preparing for the leap into new markets. This means to expand our distribution into new countries as well as additional fields of application for our various technologies. Please stay tuned. We will keep you updated on all current developments: here is our NEWSFEED

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