Up to what size can products be scanned?

We offer three scan sizes:

  • S: up to 60cm x 60cm x 60cm
  • M: up to 120cm x 120cm x 120cm
  • L: larger than 120cm x 120cm x 120cm

Up to what weight can objects be scanned?

We offer three scan sizes:

  • S: up to 15kg
  • M: up to 60kg
  • L: more than 60kg

Do the products need to be sent to Scanblue?

That depends: We recommend one of our 3D scanning systems on your premises. This allows you and your staff to scan the products yourselves. We offer this as a “pay-per-scan”. Alternatively, our Scan Factories can digitise for you. In this case, however, it is necessary to send your products to be scanned to the respective Scan Factory. After digitising, the products will be returned.


What do scans cost?

We have compiled all prices for you here:

How can I view the digital models?

There are many possibilities: in 3D, in AR and in VR. In almost all currently available device classes and ecosystems. The most popular at the moment is Augmented Reality. Try this out for yourself with a modern smartphone. Here we have compiled a large number of examples from our customers:

How long does it take to scan?

The scanning process with one of our 3D scanning systems only takes a few minutes. Afterwards, every scan undergoes a quality control and, if necessary, a 3D finishing by our employees. This quality control is always included in the price of a scan and takes a few days.


What quantities are possible?

In addition to the incomparable quality of our scans, one of the advantages of our technologies is that they can be scaled to almost any size. That means that both small quantities and large quantities (> 500 scans per month) are possible.


Is it difficult to integrate product models in augmented reality into online shops?

No. Usually no adjustment programming of your shop system is necessary. You will receive everything from us prepared in such a manner that you only have to insert normal links. And already your customer can view your products in AR.



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