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What can we expect after digitization? – a look ahead

Short keynote in which our CMO, Dr. Clemens, dares to make a prognosis for the digital future.

Today nobody doubts the importance of digitization. It affects the lives of each and every one of us – personally and in the workplace. In the case of companies, the path through digitization nowadays often determines success or failure.


Above all, you rightly expect us to provide answers to tomorrow’s questions. So, what comes after digitization? Will that change everything again?


This question was the focus of an event in the series “Digital Entrepreneurcourage – THE TALK” (in German) at the end of August in Cologne. Our Chief Marketing Officer, Dr. Ulrich Clemens, accepted the invitation to shed light on the topic of “virtualization” as part of a keynote and to explain for which companies virtualization should be an important part of the future strategy. Using current customer examples, he shows which applications will be of interest to whom in the future.

Here’s the keynote’s video (in German). Have fun with it!


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Keynote Virtualisierung
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Keynote Virtualisierung
Keynote Virtualisierung

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