Visitors from the Parliament #2: Maik Beermann

With Maik Beermann, Member of the German Bundestag, a well-known expert on the subject of digital transformation in the German Bundestag has been our guest. Accordingly, he litterally played with all our technologies to find out and understand every single detail. That’s exactly how we like our guests.


Holding our customers’ real products in your hand and right afterwards get them to play in VR, AR or 3D – no matter if using an app for mobiles, 3D goggles or just on a web site – it is amazing to interact with those products in virtual worlds. You can drag and drop them, view them from every distance and angle and virtually touch them. Now, you can explore your products in a virtual environment containing a hughe number of photo-realistic products in HD at the same time.


This is exactly what Maik Beermann did and we think that the fun he had is visible in the photos we have taken.


In addition to the great, real interest from the German parliament in our high-tech solutions, we were impressed by the visionary energy and the way to be down to earth of this Member of the Bundestag. As with Dr. Linnemann before, we have had the good feeling that these deputies are honestly committed to the future of Germany as an ideal place for SMEs doing high-tech research.


Mr. Beermann was accompanied by Thorsten Niedert and Jörn Lohmann, who represent local politics at our company’s headquarter.


We would like to thank all of them and are looking forward to meeting again.

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