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Customer strategy straight to the point

Why are our customers digitizing their products? – a statement from Wera Werkzeuge

What strategies are modern companies pursuing in order to optimally position themselves digitally for the future? What are the goals? How do these differ between B2B and B2C applications?


Detlef Seyfarth, Head of Marketing at Wera Werkzeuge, gave us a deep insight into Wera’s corporate strategy and provided numerous answers to these questions.


As part of the “Digital Entrepreneurial Courage” series of events organized by Convidera in Cologne, he held a keynote on March 30 and reported on his experiences and plans.


In the panel discussion that followed, in which our CMO, Dr. Clemens, took part, numerous questions from the audience about digital twins, AR, VR, Metaverse, NFTs & Co. were answered and discussed.

Detlef Seyfarth - Marketing Director at Wera © Wera
Detlef Seyfarth - Marketing Director at Wera © Wera

Enjoy the video of the event! (in German language) We hope that it contains exciting and interesting contributions that will inspire you.


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Detlef Seyfarth | Head of Marketing | Wera Werkzeuge

(Minute 06:06 – 18:58)

Detlef Seyfarth, Marketing Director at Wera
Steigende Conversion Wera Werkzeuge
Augmented Reality Wera, Dr. Ulrich Clemens

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