Use Case: Food & Beverage

Since we are known as an innovator and technology leader, visitor groups in our house have become the rule. Be it politicians, branch and association representatives, journalists and sometimes just students. This huge interest really honors us.


During such visits, we are often asked which industries our customers come from. If we then answer “from almost all industries”, we usually get incredulous amazement.


Today, we present a few examples from an industry that most of us wouldn’t have expected to be open for Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality: food and beverage.


Maybe the reasons in this industry are a bit more diverse – the interest in having products digitized using our technologies is at least as enormous as in other industries.


Of course, one of the key arguments in this industry is that consumers simply can not imagine the real size of products before they buy them online. Does the chocolate easter bunny have the size of a wine bottle or rather of a brandy bean? The rabbit model can be found in this post – so you can find out the answer yourself.


As a second argument, three-dimensional, animated objects offer the opportunity to breathe incredible emotions into the products: Our CEO, Norbert Zimmermann, sometimes reports in talks from a former project: A virtual, animated coffee cup can hardly wait to receive the coffee from the coffee machine. The facial features of the coffee cup are animated (“CHARACTER ANIMATION”) and the three-dimensional scenery with lots of movement, steaming and setting inevitably causes the observer to smell the coffee. With static product photography, this level of emotion is hardly to transport.


And, last but not least, you can of course also produce videos using our 3D models. Those of you who sell products on Amazon know to report that you are ranked much better with a product video. Again, in this case we can give you some help.




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