Conference Panel »Enhancing Sales with AR, VR and Video«

A small review of the panel »Enhancing Sales with AR, VR and Video« #CES #LasVegas #Conference #HighTechRetail


We were happy to accept the invitation to contribute to this panel of the CES conference.



The AR activities of 8TH WALL from Silicon Valley are no less exciting but very different. The aim here is to offer every developer an optimal development environment for complex applications in browser-based AR. The retail examples shown were really amazing. DETAILS


What we learned from the feedback from everyone we met in the context of this panel and at our booth: Almost all of these applications require a digital twin for every single product on the market. And apparently we are currently the trendiest supplier of systems for high-quality and scalable 3D digitization of products worldwide. We are very happy about the immense interest and the incredibly positive feedback!


Thanks again to Robin Raskin for the invitation! We’d love to be back next year.


p.s .: Unfortunately there is no stream of this panel yet.

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