USE CASE: Architecture

Yet another application in which Augmented Reality unfolds a tremendous benefit that could not be reached in any other way: architecture. An example from our customer STEINEL.



Our ability to imagine objects that are not physically on site is extremely limited. This is even more difficult for us in relation to an existing environment. How often has it happened to you, for example, that a newly purchased piece of furniture was far too big for the space available in your appartement?


This problem dramatically increases in architecture. While the piece of furniture only needs to be inserted into an existing space, in architecture often entire buildings in which floors, rooms and objects are related to one another have to be imagined; and of course, the building itself has to fit with its neighbourhood. The chance of making mistakes with far-reaching consequences that may have an effect for decades due to our lack of imagination is huge.

This is where technology gives our imagination a huge boost. Augmented Reality ensures that we actually see all of these objects and relationships. Yes, we are even able to really explore all of them in every corner.


The example that we want to present to you today comes from our customer STEINEL. It is an Augmented Reality model of a parking garage that you can view with your smartphone or tablet.

If you explore the STEINEL architectural model, you will find markings in some places that symbolize the STEINEL product being used at that point: these are various lights and sensors.


Have fun with it!

Shouldn’t your customers be able to explore your products like this?

Please see for prices of our scanning service on your behalf or for a 3D scanning system onsite:

Capable Devices

You don’t need an app anymore to view AR models. By now the technology has been deeply integrated into the mobile operating systems iOS and Android as both Google and Apple see the enormous potential.


As the result almost two billion smartphones have this capability at present (March 2020). And on your side you don’t have to do more than add a normal link to your online shop or website; no initial investment, no software development.

AR requires an iOS or iPadOS device with iOS 11 (or later) and an A9 processor or later; in detail:


– iPhone 6S or later
– iPad Pro (all models)
– iPad (5th generation) or later
– iPad mini (5th generation) or later
– iPad Air (3rd generation) or later
– iPod touch (7th generation) or later


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AR usually requires Android 7.0 or later. The capable devices can be found at This list is continuously updated by Google:


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