Our new headquarter

Auetal, November 2016


Scanblue is growing rapidly. To meet these new challenges we are completing our new company headquarter in Auetal/Schaumburg (Weserbergland) which is designed to bring together various business units. Especially our development center and the production of different types of 3D scan systems are located here. The development center will comprise technological development for hardware and software as well. In addition, we will install our sales department for Germany, a showroom for Virtual and Augmented Reality and our administration in the new headquarter.


Besides our expansion into new markets, another reason for the new building is the brand-new Scan Factory. Predictions for marketing and sales are of the unanimous opinion that virtual product presentations will focus on three-dimensional display on the internet and 3D headsets in the future to add an improved customer experience to shopping online and thereby increase sales. The perfect virtual product presentation requires high-resolution, photorealistic surface renderings. Our 3D scan technologies and the technical equipment of the Scan Factory are perfectly suitable with ideal conditions for these purposes.


The Scan Factory enables companies to get high-quality-scans of their products. Easily, cost-efficient, without having to purchase an own 3D scan system. In effect, entrepreneurs and producers will be able to test the possibilities of these new technologies and evaluate the profits for their companies.