Sneak-Preview: Microsoft HoloLens and HTC Vive

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will rise to brilliant perfection in combination with the 3D glasses that are becoming available right now. With these, VR creates mind-blowing effects that you can feel with heart and soul. As a pioneer for VR applications, it is essential to become familiar with these devices from the earliest stages.


We are thrilled to have engineering samples of all 3D glasses that will become available in the future, for in-house development. On the one hand clearly a requirement for creating tailor-made applications and on the other hand a huge mark of confidence from the manufacturers. To us, it proves how much we are being regarded as a driver of innovation. We are especially excited to work with HTC Vive and MS HoloLens. Vive, because of its highly sophisticated user experience, and HoloLens as it is paving new paths for mind-blowing applications.


Stay tuned for a showcase of our developments. Right here. Quite soon.

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