Our new AR app for mobiles

Trade and industry are fascinated how augmented reality and virtual reality offer unlimited new opportunities. For all those who finally want to market their products in augmented reality, our new AR app for smartphones and tablets has been made: “AR Objects for Scanblue 3DCloud”.


Fulfilling many customers’ wish, we have combined our proven AR technologies with a completely redesigned user interface. A modern user experience and a “Ready for Apple’s ARkit” make it easy for you to opt for this app to market your products in Augmented Reality.


A Freemium pricing model – so the basic usage of the app is free of charge – makes sure that you can experiment with your products in Augmented Reality without costs and installation.


Like all our solutions, this app is based on the new Scanblue 3DCloud. Here you can upload, configure and use your products without any effort for all VR and AR applications.

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