PRESS: Major trend in online shopping: Augmented Reality

We’re pleased to be able to contribute this article on AR as one of today’s major trends in e-commerce.



The German “e-commerce magazine” has dedicated an article to the major online shopping trends in 2020 in the “Euroshop” trade show edition; one page per trend topic.

These are the seven major e-commerce trends in 2020:

Visual Search
Consumers take pictures of a product, upload the image and are shown optically similar products.


Experience Marketing
The customer receives an individual offer and targeted purchase incentives based on his click behavior. The technical background is a mix of CMS / e-commerce systems and marketing analytics.


Augmented Reality
Online customers will expect to be able to explore products in their home environment through Augmented Reality before buying them in an online store.


Cloud based Microservices
Small, light cloud-based shops match the influencer-driven purchasing behavior of generation Z.


Online shop systems in a constant change
And again in 2020: Mobile first for online shopping! In addition, new ways for customer engagement and analytics are moving online stores forward.


A mix of known and new financing tools ensures the necessary financial security in a frequently seasonal e-commerce environment.


Most important payment developments in 2020: A new security level through biometrics. Omnichannel is finally becoming a reality. Using smartphones’ built-in NFC sensors, the contactless credit card becomes a ticket for local transport, events and many other applications.

Many thanks to Christiane Manow-Le Ruyet  for putting this interesting article together!


The excerpt originates from the e-commerce magazine 06/2019. You can find more about the entire publication here:

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