Augmented Reality in Field Sales

At first glance, it may sound like a gimmick, but it’s actually an exciting application with real benefits.


Do you have field sales representatives? Do they have the problem of not being able to take the entire product range to the customer, either because there are too many products or the products are too large?


Augmented Reality provides a solution. Simply place the objects on an iPad or other tablet and give it to the field sales representative. This way, they always have your entire product portfolio on hand for presentation to the customer.


We have customers in the “technology” sector who have reported a sales increase of up to 40% with this application.


There is also an application that may not be immediately obvious: if, for example, you only have a single pre-production model of a product, you can still provide it to all your field sales representatives immediately. And, of course, digital products can also be manually customized – for example, with a new color that isn’t even available yet. This gives your field sales representatives the opportunity to gather customer feedback on the product before it has even been produced.


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