Augmented Reality in Onlineshops



Our customers use our technologies to make more money. This is possible in two ways: on the one hand, by increasing sales in online shops, and on the other hand, by reducing costs, for example by reducing return rates.


A/B tests conducted by our customers have shown that the use of AR objects on product detail pages in online shops can lead to an increase in conversion rates of between 10% and 20%. The other e-commerce KPIs remain roughly the same.


Our CMO has given a presentation with extensive information about these A/B tests and the dos and don’ts of integrating AR models into online shops.

An interesting article on this topic has also been published in the Harvard Business Review, which we highly recommend.

What is required for this?


Step 1: Scan your products

In the first step, one or more of your products must be digitized. For a pilot project, our Scan-as-a-Service service in one of our scan factories is suitable. Simply send your product to our scan factory and receive the product and its digital twin back after scanning. Such a scan costs from EUR 389 per scan plus VAT.



Step 2: Integrate the digital twin

We deliver the digital product twin to you via our 3DCloud. Here you will also find everything you need to integrate it into your online shop with just a few clicks.



Step 3: Ideally, conduct an A/B test and evaluate to what extent this increases your revenue

E-commerce has the advantage that you can measure the success of such an action precisely and then take further steps based on possible success. We therefore recommend conducting an A/B test to measure how the use of Augmented Reality has paid off for you in terms of your customers’ behavior.

Any questions?


We are happy to provide you with further information and explain the technical basics in a personal conversation. Please feel free to schedule an appointment:

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