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Next generation E-Commerce

Many of you will find this scenario familiar: try a new garment and stand undecided in the dressing room. Briefly sent a photo by WhatsApp home and the thumb raises or lowers. Digital everyday life.

Apparently, shopping together requires a revolution: in the future, Virtual Reality together with our friends will lead us to a next-generation online store where we feel much more real than with all online experiences today. Products can be grasped and examined in detail – as we have always known and loved before the internet came up. And even the most complex product functions can be understood interactively through the capability to animate the virtual objects.

Highlight: During this shopping experience, the adviser of the shop provider – also virtually – comes up. This leads to expert advice that is in no way inferior to today‘s advice in real retailing on site. And that, although all those involved in this shopping tour are actually in different places.

In this scenario, we as Scanblue ensure that the products within the VR store have a highly realistic appearance, unsurpassed worldwide: photorealistic and pin-sharp, with microstructures on surfaces and combined with the ability to animate complex functionalities. And that with smallest file sizes. This latter fact seems marginal at first. But considering that such three-dimensio- nal data usually include gigabytes, it makes a difference that we‘re talking about just a few megabytes here.

Turnkey ready & made quickly

In addition to our world-class 3D scans, we provide a toolbox that lets you build and publish such next-generation VR stores in just a few easy steps.

Browser-based VR

As always, even in VR and VR commerce, we are committed to providing you with technology that deserves to be called „state-of-the-art“.

The next important technology leap in VR is that you only need your VR goggles and a browser. Installing apps or applications is a thing of the past.

Try it yourself: If you have common VR goggles (e.g. Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, HTC Vive, Micro- soft Mixed Reality Headsets) and a WebVR-enabled browser at hand, here‘s an example application:

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