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So far, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences are mostly isolated solutions. They are primarily singular apps or applications that do not or hardly interact with your other marke- ting channels.

Our customers have requested a unified, web-based „control center“ to organize, edit and push 3D models in your various marketing channels, apps and ecosystems.

That‘s exactly what our Scanblue 3DCloud is about.


Features: Scanblue 3DCloud

  1. State-of-the-art, highly available and fail-safe Content Delivery Network (CDN) based on Microsoft‘s Azure Architecture.
  2. Manage all your digital 3D product models.
  3. For each 3D model, you can decide which channels to play in. Some currently available channels can be found in the box on the left.
  4. 3D models can be edited by you. Depending on the marketing channel, you can, for example, adjust lighting situations, rotational movement, zoom range and much more.
  5. APIs for connecting your ERP, PIM, PLM and shop systems.
  6. Export into numerous standard formats (i.e. OBJ,FBX,USDZ).
  7. Import from numerous standard formats (i.e. OBJ, FBX, USDZ).
  8. 3D models can be used in almost all common CMS systems without programming knowledge.
  9. Pricing plans for every budget.

Our Fileformat: SPX

…combines smallest file sizes (minus 90%) with breathtaking surfaces and animations. Perfect to be used on all devices and ecosystems.

Unrivaled worldwide.

Currently available: CHANNELS

■ Augmented Reality on Smartphones and Tablets (apps, WebAR, WebXR)

■ AR glasses (i.e. MS HoloLens)

■ VR goggles / VR stores (apps i.e. for MS Mixed Reality Headsets or Google Daydream)

■ WebVR, WebXR

■ Your customers reach your AR products by a single tap from your online store on their smarthones and tablets

■ 3D for web sites, online stores and social media campaigns

■ Your customers can easily share your 3D digital products on social media

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