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We are known to offer the most powerful technologies for creating the digital equivalent of your physical products. Our technologies deliver 3D models with the highest level of detail, HD photo-realistic and pin sharp surfaces, microstructures and the possibility to animate them almost limitless. And, combining this with smallest file sizes.

Unrivaled worldwide.


Option A


The fastest and easiest way to get 3D models of your products is via our Scan Factory. You send us your physical product and receive the perfect 3D data model within a few days.

You can then use this flexibly in Augmented Reality for smartphones and tablets, in VR shops, VR games, in 3D for your website or online shop and, of course, in social media.

Our Scan Factory’s team is looking forward to you and your products.


Option B

You use a 3D Scanning System on-site

If you wish a large quantity of 3D scans, we recom- mend a 3D scanning system driven by you, which we offer you according to the pay-per-scan principle.

In this case, your employees place your products on the turntable of the scanning system and start the scanning process. That’s it.

The rest is done by the software. Even in this case we subject every captured model to 3D-finishing and deliver it to you via our Scanblue 3DCloud.

Using iOS12 and a newer Apple device? (Google will launch this feature in January 2019) Try it here!

Scan Technology

First, your product will be captured digitally by our photo-optical 3D scanning process. For this purpo- se, we use patented and Germany-made 3D scanning systems, which are characterized by the highest degree of precision and speed. Then, our software generates a 3D model from the collected data. To provide you with only the highest quality 3D models, we check each model by a 3D finishing step.

There are two reasons for this: The human eye perceives many things differently than digital systems. In addition, photo-optical techniques are limited in detecting undercuts and therefore a minimum of fine tuning is required. At the end of this pipeline we deliver your models via our Scanblue 3DCloud. They are thus available to you for almost all AR, VR and 3D applications with just a few clicks. In addition, you can export your 3D models to other formats (i.e. OBJ, FBX, USDZ) and your media agency can use them to create individual, exciting apps and applications for your customers.

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