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Uwe Hüfner Senior Manager Sales
T +49-5752-3777-240

Uwe Hüfner

Klaus Broich Country Manager, Düsseldorf / Benelux
T +49-5752-3777-240

Klaus Broich

Bernd Zube Country Manager, Munich
T +49-5752-3777-240

Bernd Zube

Christian Sprenger Sales
T +49-5752-3777-240

Christian Sprenger

Jasmin Lara Helmke Sales Assistant
T +49-5752-3777-240

Jennifer Dorendorff Order Processing Manager
T +49-5752-3777-218

Patric Boscolo Chief Technology Officer
T +49-5752-3777-295

Paul Zimmermann Senior Software Architect
T +49-5752-3777-0

Paul Zimmermann

Eric Westphal Head Of 3D Animation And Visualisation
T +49-5752-3777-161

Elena Lutscher Accounting
T +49-5752-3777-0

Friedrich-W. Voß Project Management
T +49-5752-3777-255

Dr. Ulrich Clemens Chief Marketing Officer
T +49-5752-3777-151

Dr. Ulrich Clemens

Katharina Berkemann Assistant to the Executive Board
T +49-5752-3777-217

Katharina Berkemann

Mark Röver Director Strategic and Business Affairs
T +49-5752-3777-251

Norbert Zimmermann CEO
T +49-5752-3777-111

Norbert Zimmermann

Thomas Schwabe Director Sales
T +49-5752-3777-240

Thomas Schwabe