Your products in 3D

Your products in 3D

With us you get everything you need for presenting your products in 3D, AR and VR.

Scanners & Scan Factory

3D digitizing your products

Our core competence is to 3D digitize existing products and make them usable for all devices and ecosystems: VR and AR goggles, smartphones, tablets, personal computers, Macs and many more. What makes us special: The 3D objects are razor-sharp and in HD photo quality. And the data volumes are minimal. Unique across the globe. We offer to scan your products on your behalf or make sure you to get the perfect fitting 3D scan system. It’s your choice.


Augmented Reality Apps

Smartphones & Tablets

Present your products in augmented reality on smartphones and tablets. Our apps process many standard formats for 3D objects. But it comes as no surprise that we can thoroughly recommend the 3D scans that Scanblue itself produces – in high-resolution photo quality with unrivaled small file sizes. With our technologies you can even bridge the gap between web, smartphone and 3D glasses.

One 3D scan – all ecosystems.


This Augmented Reality App for Smartphones and Tablets was developed for LLOYD Shoes GmbH (Sulingen, Germany) in co-operation with Saint Elmo’s Hamburg.

HoloLens App

Now, you can even use our photo-realistic, HD 3D scans on your Microsoft HoloLens. Using our scan technology enables your customers to place and move your products in their room. What‘s special: this interaction can involve multiple objects simultaneously.

If you have a HoloLens in your reach, just try it now.


3D for Shops

Your product. For real. On the internet.

We can put your products in the limelight – in whatever way is best: You can decide between 360° product photos or genuine 3D, and also choose the number of axes through which the product can be rotated. Your product representations can also be animated. And it is also possible for your customers to interact with the animated product models: For instance, opening or closing a product using the mouse, trying out different positions for accessory items, modifying the height.


Virtual Reality Shops

The tomorrow of E-Commerce starts here. Right now.

The Pokémon Go game ensured that aug- mented reality entered the  eld of consciousness of average users and began to affect their user behaviour. This smooths the path towards completely immersive VR experiences that involve all the user‘s senses

The next eCommerce generation will take up this opportunity to provide us with a completely new and pleasanter buying experience, and one that is much better tailored to what we actually want.

With us, you can experience tomorrow’s eCommerce and its virtual worlds today.

For all of you who prefer a brochure, here is our company brochure, which is continuously updated with further content.


Scanners & Scan Factory

3D for Shops

Augmented Reality Apps

Virtual Reality Shops