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Dear customers, partners and friends,


For two decades I have been following my vision of bringing the Internet into the third dimension. My passion has always been to scan existing real objects so perfectly that you can “touch” them in the three-dimensional, virtual worlds in photorealistic HD quality. In addition to scanning technology, our expertise lies primarily in the creation of tiny files, so that mobile transmission is also possible.


At this point we will let you participate in our extensive Research & Development activities with immediate effect.


It is a really exciting time: artificial intelligence opens up completely new possibilities that we would not have dared to dream of for a long time. Digital image processing in real time – as you probably know it from autonomous vehicles – is also changing our technologies from the ground up. And of course it is also important to note that almost all hardware manufacturers in the world – Apple in particular – have undoubtedly identified the extension of reality as a “next big thing”.
My team and I are very pleased about your interest!


Norbert Zimmermann, CEO