Scanners & Scan Factory

Scanners & Scan Factory

Getting the perfect shot of your product in 3D.


The headline – »Why Virtual Reality is about to change the world«, published at the end of 2015 in Time Magazine, evoked the promise of Virtual Reality to revolutionize the way we live, play and learn.

To successfully sell your products in the world of 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality you need a 3D model. Our 3D models are universally applicable in every area from 3D through Virtual Reality to Augmented Reality. It´s even suitable for 3D printing and CAM.

Your products become tangible in online shops: a new dimension of product presentation through Apps for smartphones, tablets and in gaming. On mobile phones our SPX data format is unrivalled in its minimal data size while providing highest photographic quality.

CAD object data can be exported to SPX easily to obtain 3D models for online and mobile use. For all others, scanning is the best option.

Scan Factory

Our scan factory opens up the fastest and simplest way to your 3D model with best value for money. Just send us your product and enjoy a perfect 3D model within a few days.


Do you want to scan your products at your own location? Our 3D scan systems are for purchase, rent or lease. They come with a self-explaining, easy-to-handle software which guides you step-by-step through the entire scan process and ensures optimal scan results. Relying on more than 20 years of expertise in R&D, we provide the highest standards in scan systems & algorithms. Our product portfolio ranges from simple scan systems for manual use to highly automated and integrated systems for industrial purposes, bringing your 3D models into every established ERP system.

 3D ScanBook3D ScanTable3D FastContenter3D BodyScanner3D ScanSpider
Scope of ApplicationSmall, light objectsMedium sized objectsIdeally suited for industrial applications in automated processes.Alle Aufnahmen erfolgen gleichzeitig. Die 96 bzw. 144 Kameras losen Recordings of large objects with high weight. Thanks to the precision arm, the object is circumnavigated.
Object is moved for the recordingsYesYesYesNoNo
Turntable diameter24cm40 to 240cmNo turntableNo turntable
Max object height30cm60 to 240no limit
Max. property weight7kg70 to 400kgno limitno limit
Max. property weight7kg70 to 400kgno limitno limit

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