3D in Online Shops


The highest goal of almost all our customers is to use Augmented Reality to place their products within the living room, bedroom or offi ce of their customer. The „real“ product experience – even before having purchased the product – in your own home is obviously an unbeatable competitive advantage. And ensures that the product is almost as tangible in the online shopping experience as it is when shopping at local retailers.

Apple and Google have made sure that with our technologies this experience is now available to every smartphone user. And all without an app. Apple introduced this feature in fall 2018 with iOS12. Google retraced in Android in the late summer of 2019.

At the moment (autumn 2019), around 1 billion users can now view your products in augmented reality at home. The consequence is a fundamental change in the trade.

It goes without saying that you can integrate all the objects digitized with our technologies into web sites and online shops with just a few clicks.

All Apple devices running iOS 12 can natively render 3D objects digitized with our technologies. That’s 85% of all iPhones and iPads used today. (Source: Apple, 30.5.2019)

Android devices running Android 7 can natively render 3D objects digitized with (Source: Google, 22.7.2019):

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