Scan Factory: Price List

Together with our brand new Scan Factory comes a brand new price list. For a comprehensive overview, we compiled the most common scan formats. On top of that, our friendly Scan Factory team is always happy to give individual advice. Our aspiration is that this latest chip off the old block continues to be a technology leader and to render the perfect service to you.


Telefon: +49-5752-3777-0

About: Scan Factory

Our new Scan Factory is the fastest way to high quality 3D scans. No matter if you prefer 360° product photos or real 3D. We always deliver state of the art. Just send us your objects and within a few days you will receive the scans along with your objects. Our upcoming online ordering system will further streamline this process. If you require a large number of scans you can also purchase, rent, or lease our proven 3D scanning systems along with a comprehensive training for your operators.